How high-end 3D visualization impacts the aerospace value chain

Like the automotive industry, aerospace manufacturers are characterized and challenged by the ever-increasing product complexity and customer demands in the marketplace. Purchasers of aircrafts are seeking maximum comfort, safety, design and performance in the craft they ultimately choose. Global aerospace manufacturers are turning to 3D visualization to augment their pipelines and answer this calling much earlier in the design, and development phases.

Globally dispersed teams are required to work simultaneously on different product parts for such complex vehicles. At the same time, design aspects need to be quickly aligned with functional and ergonomic analysis to be efficiently integrated into the development process. Streamlined processes for easy collaboration are key when it comes to bringing innovative concepts quickly to market. 

The seamless use of high-end 3D visualization technology from early design stages and development, through marketing campaigns and sales tools is creating new process standards for the aerospace industry.

High-end 3D visualization technology has already made it into the very core of aerospace industry procedures – from specialized tool to enterprise wide application – enabling cross domain collaboration through the entire value chain.


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Rapid prototyping to quickly verify new exterior and interior design concepts

Putting efficient data processes in place, high-end 3D visualizations gather information from design tools to create extremely realistic experiences for early design verifications. Virtual customer clinics are set up for direct design feedback. Immersive settings allow for the realtime comparison of layout, variants and color & trim options. Prototyping costs are cut whilst the design process is accelerated.


Merging CAD with Virtual Reality for early functional and ergonomic analysis

Collaborative engineering through DMU (digital mock up) reviews in realtime enables efficient analysis of up-to-date model information to ensure design correctness and harmonized interfaces. Cross domain collaboration on the complete model is supported through various functions like distance measurements and interactive clippings, climate simulation and ergonomic analysis.


Repurposing 3D data efficiently to create marketing materials before the product is built

High quality materials created from 3D data derived from earlier product stages guarantee quick go-to-market and keep costs at a minimum – be it for PR imagery, product movies or interactive installations. Convince customers and consumers alike with highest quality interior and exterior shots before a product is even built.


Interactive experiences to boost sales

Communicate the product’s value and quality through high-end 3D visualizations to support your sales process. Impress potential customers with true-to-life product experiences at trade shows or your own showroom.