Bring your ideas to life. 3DXCITE Design Solutions

3DXCITE Design Solutions enable a borderless workflow, allowing you to continuously review the geometry, materials and design throughout the creative process. Dedicated tools and functions give you the freedom to effectively communicate your ideas in realtime, involving consumers and decision-makers from the very start. Virtual drafting of design concepts in 3D and in realtime permits discussions, evaluation and testing to give a highly realistic product experience. This accelerates the design process leading to new, efficient methods that connect departments and stakeholders, getting your product to market faster.

Experience 3DXCITE Solutions along the whole value chain:

Quick concept development

Use 3D visualization as source for inspiration in form giving, proportions, architecture definition and surfacing. Design concepts can be developed more efficiently and with greater speed as more design alternatives can be explored and compared in less time.

Early design presentation

High-end realtime visualizations with true-life visual quality and up to 1:1 scale take product experience to the next level. Present your design in context using diverse environments and variants. Create dynamic instances of life-like interaction.

Advanced design exploration and verification

Virtual design checks and simulation techniques enable faster and more precise product verification. This ensures companies get the design right from the very start, resulting in delivery of successful products to market.

Perceived quality

Precisely evaluate perceived quality as it will be in the finished product. Balance aesthetic variants with functional requirements early on. Assess designs and modifications to accelerate product verification.

Material development

Virtual material development allows the trial of unlimited material variants and combinations, scanning of physical samples and accurate representation of real world materials. This significantly accelerates the creation of material concepts. It also allows flexible package definition and individualization.

Effective design communication

Base communication and cross-departmental collaboration on shared visualizations, from product planning to final design review. This allows sharing information between suppliers, consultancies, business partners, and even with future customers based on a common visual language.