Put your designs to the test. 3DEXCITE Development Solutions

3DEXCITE development solutions permit instant and continuous visual and functional analysis, simulation and review of engineering work, and revolutionizing the development process in a growing number of industries. Highly realistic 3D visualizations allow testing of complex situations in realtime. In addition, diverse simulation data enrich the view on the relevant product. Boundaries between reality and virtuality blur while costly and rapidly obsolescent physical prototypes become less essential. Your product’s overall quality benefits from more efficient and flexible processes, leading to massive cost and time savings. And 3DEXCITE ensures integration with upstream and downstream processes as a standard feature.

Experience 3DEXCITE Solutions along the whole value chain:

Efficient development process & decision-making

Lifelike presentation of technical concepts, derivatives and facelifts allows efficient cross-department communication between all stakeholders. Physically accurate validation of virtual prototypes enables early product maturity and feasibility checks of all possible variants.

Cross-department reviews

An efficient decision-making platform for designers, engineers and managers is essential to ensure the optimal balance of product KPI’s. A virtual validation between departments minimizes product failure risks and development costs.

Lifelike product experience

3DEXCITE’s realtime visualizations with high-end visual quality, real-world interaction and behavior building, as well as in 1:1 scale, enable a lifelike and holistic representation of design; result in the validation of more concepts in less time.

Rapid concept development & market validation

Products can be easily compared against each other in lifelike quality and in realtime. Achieve an early product maturity before the physical prototype is built, and ensure optimal product usage and performance by identifying interdependencies in design, function and manufacturing constraints.

Geometry analysis

The virtual verification of gaps and tolerances in lifelike quality and in realtime delivers an early understanding of tolerance impact. An instant judgment of complex tolerance situations helps to explain trade-offs between perceived quality and cost.

Ergonomic analysis

Ergonomic simulation is based on the international standard RAMIS to verify reachability, comfort and field-of-views. The virtual set-up allows for testing of more technical concept within a short time frame and ensures a balance of ergonomics.

Crash simulation

Converting and rendering LS-DYNA simulation results in photorealistic quality helps leverage one common “visual understanding”. Both realtime interaction of simulation states, as well as production of offline movies of the complete crash sequence are possible. 

Performance validation

The visual presentation of fluid simulation (such as flow lines, isosurfaces, pressure distribution and de-icing) builds the base for an efficient communication between designers, engineers and managers. It facilitates the aero dynamic optimization of the product and ensures design & technology convergence.

Functional checks / HMI

The simulation of human machine interfaces allows the convenient verification of usability and design. Engineers and designers can embed and remotely access any 2D/3D application to validate the car’s multimedia systems.

Immersive Solutions

Experience products in 3D. Let users dive into your development data. Integrated tracking functions let you visualize your designs from every angle. Take virtual test drives, interact with other users, hold virtual trainings or integrate virtual prototypes into real-world buildings for a first-hand experience.

Immersive test drives

Experience virtual test drives in lifelike 3D with DELTAGEN Real Drive. The physically accurate driving simulation in immersive settings allows for a holistic product experience and validation of technical developments.

Immersive interaction and training

Immersive presentations and even trainings are facilitated with intuitive navigation possibilities. Using tracking devices, scenes can be controlled with an easy-to-use, immersive user interface for a lifelike product experience, which enhances and improves the decision-making process.

Multi-user interaction

The solution offers multi-user interaction on several devices within an immersive set-up. All users can experience and interact with the scene, independent from each other. Interaction is bolstered by an efficient, multi-user setup that facilitates collaboration, presentation and training.