A myriad of ideas. 3DXCITE Marketing Solutions

Today’s markets demand a seamless interplay of design and marketing. 3DXCITE Marketing Solutions accelerate communication between your design and marketing departments, permitting high-impact storytelling across all media channels. Thanks to intelligent processes and cutting-edge technology, departments can join forces to develop and share product information across the enterprise at an early stage, taking internal awareness of new products to a new level. Now, global marketing teams are only a mouse click away from the latest visualization of future products, allowing them to fine-tune to local requirements. 3DXCITE marketing solutions let you plan the launch even before the product is built – thanks to cross-channel CGI productions based on 3D data from the development stage onwards. Digital technology eliminates the need for real photo shoots and costly film sets. Even better: using digital image content can be quickly adapted for a wide range of marketing purposes and the ever increasing number of digital channels and devices. Digital marketing materials thus drive down costs. Interactive marketing tools offer compelling, memorable experiences that keep customers engaged, creating tangible and measurable sales success.

Experience 3DXCITE Solutions along the whole value chain:

Creative 3D media consulting

From consulting on unlimited possibilities, which the area of 3D offers, to enabling strategic creativity and amplifying the virtual experience, to explaining the technical modes of operation and creating tailor made solutions for our clients, is the passion for which we always stand.

CGI for multi-channel marketing

3DXCITE's one-stop production service offers complete expertise across the full production cycle, helping creative agencies, marketers and directors achieve a smooth process from the first idea all the way to the final product asset. 3DXCITE’s offering includes solutions for feeding creative assets into social media, enabling clients to leverage social media’s ever-increasing audiences for a new effectiveness in marketing.

Innovative marketing concepts

Billboards come alive with innovative product presentations. Augmented reality connects mobile devices and billboards, letting users view additional product content or watch realtime movies showing diverse configuration possibilities – and much more.

Mobile product experience

Create stunning applications and footage to increase awareness of your product and help your customers on their journey. Produce three-dimensional realtime content saving time and costs and achieve a rich media experiences even on mobile devices.

Interactive shows and events

Create unique interactive product presentations and launches for brand-building opportunities, from small-scale presentations all the way to fully interactive showroom concepts for flagship stores, exhibitions or events. Interactive 3D visualizations offer boundless flexibility in size and in format. Adding sound effects or any future-oriented interactions augments their impact even further.

Virtual sell-in tools

Take advantage of the digital sell-in process to present the complete range of your products quickly and intuitively, whether in a showroom or at a client's side. Pre-selecting, browsing, presenting, merchandizing and generating orders are basic features available in all versions.

eCloud solutions for marketing & sales

Benefit from Cloud Solutions enabling high-quality renderings of realtime models via web-based applications. 3D models can be utilized easily online to create various combinations of product options on demand and at the push of a button – resulting in massive time savings.