Virtual tools for real sales. 3DEXCITE Sales Solutions

3DEXCITE Sales Solutions provide you with the marketing tools you need for a breathtaking product experience – whether at the point of sale or on the road. Wow your customers with revolutionary, interactive multichannel worlds. 3DEXCITE’s game-changing 3D visualization opens up whole new avenues, particularly for virtual sales samples, personalized customer communication, product interaction and even employee training, on site, at events or online. Also, our integrated approach makes intelligent use of key data created in earlier stages of the product development process. This significantly reduces the sales cycle, supporting customers in their decisions from try to buy.

Experience 3DEXCITE Solutions along the whole value chain:

Intuitive product promotion at the dealership

Start sales campaigns without physical product samples. Leverage precious space in prime locations with fully interactive product configurators. Central coordination keeps worldwide product information current at all times while allowing flexible adaptation to local market demands. 3DEXCITE offers a complete system set-up as one-stop-solution.

Personalized lead generation

Automate the creation of customized print materials including brochures, personalized exports such as on demand pdfs and images which can be shared and discussed with friends and via social networks. This supports sales and post sales activities and creates brand ambassadors, extending the reach of your brand.

On-demand asset creation for campaigns

Provide external stakeholders such as agencies with prepared 3D scenes to let them create stunning assets for campaign development at very short notice and independently of time, location hardware and the respective end user’s experience in rendering.

Online product configurator

Win over consumers and accelerate the sales process by providing mobile brand and product experience through fully interactive configurators. Present the whole product range including all variations and extensions online. Enrich the sales process with easy-to-use mobile product configurators for offsite use.

Event solutions

Create unique interactive product presentations and launches for brand building opportunities, from small-scale presentations up to fully interactive showroom concepts for flagship stores, exhibitions or events. Interactive 3D visualizations are flexible in size and in format. They can include sound effects or any future-oriented interactions.